Everything you weren’t aware you wanted to know

So I wrote this a while ago on Facebook. Most of these things are true. And it’s my blog and I do what I want.

This is a slightly edited version.

Briana, in a nutshell:

1. I am an addict. My drug of choice is the theatre. I used to act, but now I just spend WAY too much money on tickets.
2. I have two main weakness: an extreme fondness for argyle print and
3. Boys who like boys. Seriously, a gay man in a nice sweater is like my kryptonite. Which leads to the fact that
4. I am completely obsessed with Smallville. I started watching just for hot Tom Welling, but I got completely drawn in and can’t stop watching it. This is because
5. I have an addictive personality. I get real attached to things real quickly. Also
6. I am a hopeless romantic. There are very few things I love more than romantic comedy movies, unless of course they are musical romantic comedies. I prefer to think of it, however, as being a hopeFUL romantic, not hopeless. I have hope that one day my prince charming will sweep me off my feet. This is probably due to the fact that
7. I love seeing people in love. I am not talking about couples sucking face in front of you, but people who are jolly and just are content around each other. Old people are the best. This is perhaps why
8. I don’t crush lightly. When I fall, I fall hard. However
9. I truly believe people can stay friends with their exes, as long as things did not end on a terrible note. In fact I dated my two best guy friends in the past. And speaking of best friends
10. Out of the two people I am closest to, one is exactly me and one is the complete opposite.
11. I am a journalist. And I love it. A lot. But I still worry that I probably should have gone into elementary education because
12. Toddlers make me really happy. There is nothing like some mispronounced words and a few missing teeth to make me smile.
13. The above does not apply to stupid people who just have bad oral hygiene.
14. I like my job at the Bookie Too most of the time. Especially when my boss forgets to take off her Russian face, offends me, and buys me Starbuck.
15. I truly think that Belle is the best character in any Disney movie ever. Smart and beautiful, that is how I roll. Also, Belle the dog is pretty much my favorite.
16. I really hate the phrase “your mom.”
17. I was named after two boys: cousins Brian and Jay. Because of this
18. I hated my name for a very long time. Now I love it.
19. I hate it when people use poor grammar. Especially commas before ands when they aren’t supposed to be there.
20. I have some really intricate and intense dreams. That are completely random. Sometimes I think I do drugs in my sleep to come up with the things I do.  I remember most of them.
21. I love country music, no matter what everyone else says.
22. A man who is on stage is ten times sexier than a man who is not. However, this leads to problems for me. See number 3.
23. I am a little bit in love with the Spanish language. I love how it sounds.
24. I am way more of a dog person than a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, cats are great, dogs are just way better.
25. I love going in the bathroom right after someone has taken a shower, when the room is still all steamy and it smells delicious like various shampoos and body washes.


3 thoughts on “Everything you weren’t aware you wanted to know

  1. Matt Morris says:

    so i gotta say 13 is my favorite. i laughed, pretty hard.

  2. Rikki King says:

    the #19 comma thing …. so true. just ask dom “it will go to the park, and the store.” bonny

    also yaaaaaaaaaaaay #24

  3. Lynsi says:

    I was about to say yay #24, myself, but then I saw that Rikki did.

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