Saying goodbye to my roommate and her babies

So my roommate moves out in three days.

I can’t believe it. I am going to miss her like crazy.

The funny thing is, I was friends with her before we lived together but I had no idea how good of friends we could be.

We met freshman year of college. By chance. I went to one Stage (the theatre group on campus) meeting during my entire time here. And at that one meeting I met another nervous freshman. Hey, we both like theatre! Let’s get pie sometime at Hillside. Four years later, she is one of my bestest friends.

And she brought two new loves into my life. Toby and Parker. Who may piss me off sometimes, but who I love with my whole heart.

What I love most is the differences between them. Toby is the older, calmer one. He loves to cuddle but he is as dumb as a rock, if not dumber. It’s lucky he is sweet and wonderful, because he could never survive on his own. And he loves boys. It only makes sense that I would have a gay dog.

Then there is Parker. Who has more energy than any other dog I have ever met. She also has the most affection. She is so desperate to show people how much she loves them that it sort of comes across as complete spastic behavior. Ok, maybe that is part of it too. She is smarter than Toby too. You can tell she is always trying to work through things.


2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to my roommate and her babies

  1. Rikki King says:

    you should bring them on saturday!!! or is that three days? eff.

  2. brianajae says:

    They leave Friday morning.


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