Martha Mendoza

So Rikki already blogged about our visit from the wonderful Martha Mendoza, but I wanted to as well.

So there.

Martha Mendoza is an AP reporter stationed in Mexico City. She is currently working on stories on narcotrafficking.

She was awesome.

One of the things I found interesting about her visit was why she said people get into journalism. Journalists are not the people who want to sit down in a lab and do the research. They are not the people who are out on the street picketing with signs. They are just as interested in the results of the experient or the cause of the protest, though. They still want to find out all the answers and bring those answers to the public at large.

She also said that when she was sitting in the conference room of her college paper all the visitors who came in would tell her that the industry was dying and that she would never get a job.

I guess she proved them wrong, seeing as she now has a Pulitzer Prize.

She says more radios, TVs and Internet connections do not mean less newspapers, necessarily. What it does mean is that people writing for newspapers need to step up their game. It means that writing needs to be more engaging and efficient, and stories need to be more pressing and important.

Some of the best advice she gave was how to deal with editors. Reporters are paid to report, editors are paid to edit. So, when your editor changes your story (even if you know it was perfect before) just go with it.

There will be another story tomorrow.


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