They done gived me a job!

Ok, so after almost four months of searching and stressing and loafing, I got a job!

I start at the Othello Outlook on Monday.

Which means, pretty much, that I have four days to pack up my undergraduate, childhood self and move into the real world. Where real things happen.

I am so excited.

Not only will I be writing again (thank goodness) but I will be getting paid again! I have never been so worried about money than I have for the last few months.

But back to writing. I will be writing about six stories a week. Which will be easy, peasy after last semester. But I will be writing a variety of stories. Some of which will not be so easy.

Like sports. Yes, sports. I am terrified.

But I also think I will learn so much. I mean, this paper won 2nd in general excellence from the WNPA last year for Washington weekly papers.

I never would have guessed it. At least I wouldn’t have before I actually saw the paper and talked to the people who run.

I am looking forward to this experience more than I have ever looked forward to anything.

I am conflicted on one thing though. I am SO excited to get out of Pullman. I am just done with it. It is a beautiful town and I am really glad I came to school here, but it is just time to move on. And try something new. Like the bustling metropolis of Othello.

Yeah, bustling. They do have a super Walmart after all.

On the other hand, I really didn’t factor in that leaving Pullman meant leaving behind the people in Pullman. I am going to miss me some friends. But I will only be two hours away. And on the way home for most people. I expect me some visitors.

I will also be the only reporter at this newspaper. And while I really liked the publisher and editor of the paper, they are older than me and not really people I expect to socialize with. Oh well, that is one minor speed bump on this road to my future.

Yeah, I said it. I need to be a total cheeseball at least once a week. = )


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