April Book List

Y’all thought since I started workin’ I stopped readin’, didn’t ya?

Shame on you.

I do read A LOT less now though, sadly. This is because a) I work all day and b) my gma has cable!

But I have read a little.

1. The Pilgrims of Rayne by D.J. MacHale
This is book eight of the Pendragon books by MacHale. Yes, they are made for children. And yes, they are fantastic! They never achieved the popularity of Harry Potter or Twilight, but they are fun, engaging and well-written. Ok, so the later ones are more well-written, but the plot is still engaging in the beginning. They are about a boy named Bobby Pendragon who discovers he is what is known as a Traveler. Travelers go back and forth between worlds and time to try to save the entire universe from the evil Saint Dane. Sound cheesy and ridiculous? It is. But MacHale manages to make everything make sense while at the same time creating someone I would say is one of the worst/best villains of all time. And the twists/endings of each book have actually left me with my mouth hanging open before. Wonderful.

2. I love you, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle
Before you judge me, I must inform you that I bought this book before the movie came out. I had heard the movie was awful so I was a little tentative to read the book. It was charming, however. Not exactly something you would turn to if you were looking for something deep and intellectual, but good enough to pass the time. I am surprised the movie was not good, however, because Doyle usually writes for screen. If you are looking to turn your brain off for a while and jump into awkward adolescence, take a look.


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