I saw a play and I didn’t love it.

Don’t get me wrong, the cast was unbelievably talented. Their singing voices were beautiful.

I am going to blame the direction for this one.

This is a play by Voltaire. It was written as a satire. A satire can embrace the ridiculousness it wants too. In this play, there were ridiculous elements but they took themselves far too seriously. That meant the different parts just came across as sappy, overdone and, to be frank, a little boring.

There weren’t any songs that stuck with me, either. I didn’t walk out of the theatre humming to myself or brimming with desire to purchase the soundtrack so I could sing along. Loudly.

While I am glad I saw this show once, it is not something I ever care to see again.

PLEASE NOTE: I did go to this play right after I went to a funeral. So I wasn’t exactly in the most frivolous of moods.


2 thoughts on “Candide

  1. Rikki King says:

    ha. even your criticism is warm and cuddly.

  2. brianajae says:

    I am just a warm and cuddly person, I guess…

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