I am a grown-up these days.

I sort of took a step backward when I moved in with the g-rents, though. I went from running my own household, to having someone else buy me food and do my laundry. I am, however, pretty happy with where I am mentally.

Sure, I still love Disney and I need my mom a little more than I care to admit.

But I feel like I have succesfully made my way into adulthood.

When it comes to love, however, I am about as mature as a 13-year-old girl. When I have a crush, it is true love. I am constantly seconds away from scrawling Mrs. Briana [CENSORED] on the front of my notebook. I giggle. A lot.

Which I why I am so proud to say that I have made a rational, logical, very grown-up decision when it comes to a certain boy who has plagued my heart for quite some time.

It took me many hours and many tears, but I decided something with my head.

And not my heart.

It feels good to be a big kid.


2 thoughts on “Maturity

  1. Rikki King says:

    can’t wait til I get to be a big kid too.

    im the girl that starts planning how many kids were gonna have while im still checking you out in the grocery store

  2. brianajae says:

    “Oh hi. My name is Briana. I am thinking we’ll live in the city, but maybe have a summer place on a lake?”

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