Workin’ for the man

Ok, so when I first got interested in the newspaper business, I was 12 or so. And I think when I pictured my dream job, I sort of picked out some stereotypes in my mind.

To be honest, it was all very Daily Planet from Superman.

I would be very glamorous, a la Lois Lane, and wear pencil skirts and carry a notebook and maybe have chic glasses. Meh.

But what was really important my editor. I always pictured an older, semi-rotund, gruff guy with a heart of gold.

When I met my editor here I was slightly disappointed because I thought he wasn’t old enough! I thought he was 40 or so. Not quite what I pictured! But it turns out he fit every other thing I wanted him to. He is sarcastic and grumpy, but still tells me I am wonderful when he thinks I deserve it (or I am totally freaking out). He has that slightly rumpled look of someone who was supposed to be somewhere ten minutes ago but will get there on their own time, dammit! He gets the job done, even if he has to yell at a police officer to do it.

Well, he was talking to me the other day. And mentioned grandkids. Who are 14.

He is in his min-50s! Hurray!

Now that I have a much older editor than I originally thought, my life is back on track.

Even if he will never understand my love for google and wikipedia.

Or get how I come up with random information so fast…


One thought on “Workin’ for the man

  1. Rachelle says:

    I love that the editor stories have replaced the Luba (sp?) ones 🙂 otherwise I’d be missin’ the crazy Brianajae stories about her bosses.

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