Crashin’ farm equipment FTW

I went to a combine demolition derby in Lind this weekend with Jenny.

It was fun and I have adopted a whole new color to my skin. I always thought porcelain and tomato made a aesthetically pleasing combination.

First off, we attended a parade. In between the combines and the classic cars, there was a motorcycle. With the cutest little guy riding in the sidecar.

In the middle, we were pleasantly greeted by a nice young man who was on in the middle of a bachelor’s party. And may have been hammered. At 11 a.m. Approve.

Then was lunch and on to the derby. It was fun, but there was like four minutes of action and then 45 of sitting around waiting.

Which was laaaame.

And because I was working, at attending with a youngster, I couldn’t even sit in the beer garden. Boo.

Highlight: there was a “Go Cougs!” combine!

Perusing the crowd was fun too….

Yep, I’m a creeper. But at least my camera has a nice zoom.


4 thoughts on “Crashin’ farm equipment FTW

  1. Morgan says:

    First, before I even got to that last picture I was already thinking, “Wow, these pictures are great!” When I got to the end, I decided I need to send you a Thank You note or something. Second, and equally important, The picture of you and Jenny made me miss you guys something fierce. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

    • brianajae says:

      I miss you too!

      And yeah, luckily boy was standing near the fence so my camera was still pointed at the arena. So he didn’t know we were creepin’!

  2. Rikki King says:

    you guys look so great! that is an awesome picture of you and jenny.

    your picture skills are improving all the time! that bachelor’s party is a pretty sweet shot!

    i miss you too. if i didnt desperately need a break from some of your neighbs, i’d come out there again!

    • brianajae says:

      Thanks! It helps when you have a super nice camera. It makes picture taking waaay easier.

      We will have to arrange something very soon. And we can drink and watch movies. and be wonderful.

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