June Book List

June was such a fail in the reading department.

I am reading Love in the time of cholera right now. And have been, for more than a month. It is really good. But really hard to read fast. So it’ll (hopefully) be on my July list.

I did manage to sneak in something else though.

1. You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas by Augusten Burroughs
What’s that? You can’t read a Christmas book in June? Bite your tongue! You can read Augusten any day. I love all of his works. They are so honest and engaging. And I have read them all. But my extreme lack of money at the beginning of the year meant I had to wait to read this because the Pullman library didn’t have a copy. It was definitely not a happy, festive collection of holiday stories. But it was funny and heart touching and glorious. Read it. During any month. Where else are you going to find a story about a kid chewing the face off of a giant wax Santa? Yeah. And while your at it? Read the rest of his books, too.


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