Potatoes? Yes, please.

I went to a WSU Potato Field Day last week. I got there and wandered out in the mud, between the rows and rows of plants, and I was happy.

I love farming. Not that I would ever make a good farmer. Ever. I don’t handle dirt well enough. And I would be leaving all the time to get my theatre fix. But I do love the idea of farming. I love hearing people talk about it and I love reading about it. I just don’t want to do it.

And the day was really great. I was out in the 80 degree weather for three hours instead of being stuck in my stinky* old office. I got delightfully sunburned and I returned home covered in sweat, dirt and hay.

Hay, you say? Didn’t I mention? Our transportation was on trailers covered in hay bales. Yeah. Win? Yeah.

The best part, though, was there was a researcher who did this whole speechie poo on how nutritious potatoes are when prepared correctly. And then they served potato salad with lunch. Potato salad! With bacon pieces and all. Way to obliterate any nutrition I could have gotten from the potatoes.

Oh, and did I mention there were potato farmers in attendance? Mmmhmmm.

What’s that? I haven’t put a super creepy picture up in more than a week?

Shame on me.

I made it smaller so it’s less creepy. Right? Also, I was unable to get any of the actual home-grown, younger farmers on my camera. So this guy will have to do.

*My office does not really stink.


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