There’s no place like home

So, I have been struggling to decide whether I will actually move out of my g-rents house or not.

My decision? Probably not.

There are a lot of pros and cons surrounding moving.

First of all, I do go a little crazy sometimes at the house. And I don’t like not living where I am reporting.

BUT there are also next to no places to live in Othello. I make too much to be able to live in the apartments (which are for low-income families). Most of the empty places are for sale, not rent. Some are for rent but they are like 4-bedroom homes. No thanks.

And where else am I going to find a roommate who gets up early to make sure I have coffee ready to go and that I have some fruit cut up and put in tupperware containers for my lunch? I have dinner ready for me and get about 10 hugs a day.

My grandma has actually come back in the house after she left to make sure she gave me a hug. Win.

Plus, if I move now, I will probably have to sign a 12-month lease. I don’t want to be tied down.

Plus, I am currently not paying rent. Which is awesome.

And my grandma does my laundry for me.

I have a pretty sweet set-up. And I’m going to keep it that way.


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