The Drowsy Chaperone

You know what you need? A theatre review. Let me help you out.

I recently saw The Drowsy Chaperone in the Tri-Cities. I had already seen it once before, though, and I continue to think it is wonderful.

Basically, the main guy is in love with musicals. And he likes to just shut off the world and immerse himself in showtunes. Sounds about right.

Anywho, one of his favorite shows is The Drowsy Chaperone, which is set in the 20s. So he plays a record of it, and it comes to life in his living room.

The characters are ALL supremely ridiculous and not at all realistic.

There are:

  • A young bride, giving up her very successful career on the stage to get married
  • A groom, who is a bit dim
  • A best man, who is just very stressed with planning a wedding
  • The chaperone to the bride, who drinks a lot, despite prohibition, hence the reason she is so drowsy
  • The producer of the bride’s show, who wants to keep her around
  • Two mobsters disguised as pastry chefs. Singing, dancing pastry chefs. They may be my favorites, because of their ridiculous amount of word play. “There’s MUFFIN you can do about it!”
  • Aldolpho, the ridiculously stereotypical Spanish ladies man who just tries to seduce everyone
  • Mrs. Tottendale, the owner of the home where the wedding is to take place. She forgets everything almost immediately after she hears it. She has one song about her fancy dress and how much she loves it. But she can’t remember why she has it on.
  • Underling, Mrs. Tottendale’s butler. And yes, his name is simply Underling.
  • Trix, the aviatrix, seemingly no point to having her around. She comes in useful eventually though.
  • Kitty, the girl who wants to take over for the bride in the big show.

If you want to take a show seriously, don’t go to this show.

If you want to leave smiling, do.


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