July/August book list

So, I haven’t updated in a while. Maybe because movies have taken over my life and I don’t read anymore. Maybe.

So this is two months together.

1. The Novelist by Angela Hunt.
I love books about books so I picked this up. It’s for the same reason I love movies about movies or shows about shows. It makes me feel like I am in on the art-making process. This book ended up being a lot darker than I expected. And more about God. It is about a famous writer who is teaching a class in creative writing at the local community college. As a project, she is writing a new short story, very much unlike those she is famous for, so they can see the process. So the book we are reading flashes back and forth between the story of her life and that of the character she is creating. Her character also mirrors her son in many ways. He is an alcoholic so she is also dealing with that. And she turns to God to help her out. The book was interesting and I enjoyed reading it, but it wasn’t something I would run out and buy or recommend strongly for someone else to read.

2. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
This book was weird, but in a good way. The main character is Cal, a hermaphroditic person. The story is narrated by Cal now, age 41. But it flashes back to the time when his grandparents were just kids and follows the story to the present. For the first half of Cal’s life, he lived as Callie, a female. Then, at age 14, Callie suffered an accident and was taken to the hospital. The doctor discovered she was hermaphroditic, the family’s first indication that she was supposed to be a he. So, after running away, Cal spends the rest of his life as a man. The journey that he goes on is a heartbreaking one. The story is very intricate, with descriptions of what had to happen to make the genetic mutation occur. This book won a Pulitzer prize, and I would agree it deserves it. Just don’t go in expecting a normal story, at all.

3. Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal
My dear friend Jenny lent me this book and I loved it. It is a memoir of sorts. It is a bunch of random thoughts about life, organized alphabetically. I love memoirs of normal people more than anything. Biographies of famous people are fine, but I love finding things I can connect with. This is a quick read, and a fun one.


One thought on “July/August book list

  1. Rikki King says:

    I tried to read Middlesex once and got super bored on the first page.

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