Oh grandfather…

I am not 100 percent certain my grandfather does not think Spenser is my secret boyfriend…

Or that he remembers that Spenser is not in to the ladies…

But today, he definitely cracked me up.


Gpa: We would put a TV in your room but then we would never see you!

Me: I would never have pants on. Ever.

Gpa: You always only have pajama pants on anway

Me: Yeah, but this way I could just not wear pants at all.

Gpa: Uh-oh, Spenser would definitely not be allowed in your room.

Me: …

Gpa: We wouldn’t want to tempt him.

Me: … Uh… I don’t think that’s a problem.

Gpa: Well, he might have a relapse!



Oh man, I hope not! We finally found a cure for this awful disease of heterosexuality and now I find out it can creep back up on you? Please, say it ain’t so!


Oh, and this came moments after he and my grandma were talking about me. While I was in the next room. Literally feet away…

I laughed at something they said. I got accused of eavesdropping.

I don’t think it really counts though. Because neither of them can hear so they just shout at each other.

Not exactly sneaky guys. Wait until I leave the house to talk about how pathetic my life is. = )



3 thoughts on “Oh grandfather…

  1. Shel says:

    your gpa is seriously one of my favorite people. tell them both i say hi!

  2. Rikki King says:

    LOL this made me so happy.

    if you stopped wearing pants, we would still be friends.

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