New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, So I have been working on my resolutions for this year. I am trying to make them specific, not generic, so I stick to them more.

  • Stay organized. And when this fails, just clean off/straighten up my desk at least once a day.
  • Successfully audition for a musical. I measure success not in whether I get a part or not but actually showing up, doing the audition and not throwing up on anyone.
  • Complete the second draft of my novel and submit it to someone who actually has say in these things, not just my friends and family.
  • Not just lose weight, but become in shape enough that I can pull off a bandage dress, a la Kim Kardashian, without anyone wanting to vomit or say “What was she thinking?” And by pull off, I mean try on in the dressing room, because I would never have the guts to actually wear it, even if I was skinnier.
  • Be less defensive when my boss talks to me about my stories.
  • Blog more, like Rikki
  • Work on my Spanish! I’m losing it!
  • Only push the snooze button two times per day

More to come…


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Lynsi says:

    The snooze button thing is a killer. It’s so bad, I deliberately set my alarm way early – sometimes I hit my snooze for an hour and a half before I actually roll out of bed. I need help!

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