Girrrrl, you hotter than Jane Bennet!

When I first started this job, I dressed up regularly. Even wore heels. Then, as I got more comfortable with it here, and the fact that no one else dressed up, I slowly slipped into the “wearing jeans and snowboots” look. But I would rather look nice when I am meeting up with people!

So I am trying to look nicer.

Today, I worked hard. (Added bonus: it is our first day without a snowy or wet ground in months and months, so I got to wear flats!)

I got to work, and my boss said. “You look nice. You have a date tonight?”

“No…” *face brightens* “but I do have book club!!”


I swear I could NOT sound more pathetic if I tried.

All the same, women of book club, I hope you are prepared for all this.

I’m going to make you want to turn the page. ; )


2 thoughts on “Girrrrl, you hotter than Jane Bennet!

  1. Lynsi says:

    I love you.

  2. Jenny says:

    Your title is fantastic. And I am jealous that you are in a book club.

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