More in love every day

Remember my slight* crush on Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon? Well, it’s getting worse. I just bought his newest book and it’s sitting on my bookshelf, taunting me. But I have to finish the one I am reading first. So…close…

So, instead, I have been reading a couple interviews with him. In the one from TIME, he talked about why he became a writer.

My childhood was surrounded by books and writing. From a very early age I was fascinated by storytelling, by the printed word, by language, by ideas. So I would seek them out. I didn’t have access to a wonderful bookstore like the one in the book, but in many ways what I’ve always been doing is making up stories and characters. Even before I learned to read and write, I was telling stories. I always knew that I was going to be a writer because there was no other choice. I was always fascinated by the fact that you could take paper and ink and create worlds, images, characters. It seemed like magic.

Dear Mr. Zafon, can we be best friends?


*It’s not really slight. At all.


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