Photo Ten

30-Day Photo Project, day ten

A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with

I must admit (no surprises here) I am not really one to do messed up things. Even when I’m a bit intoxicated, I am pretty boring. I follow the rules. I go to sleep earlier. I’m more likely to be watching a movie than stealing a road sign.

That being said, I love the mini in-home adventures I have with my former roommate, Jamber.

We do things like drunk cleaning out the cupboards. Or vacuuming.

But our favorite thing to do after having a few strawberry daiquiris is to cook.

Terrible, terrible idea.

Once, we wanted to make a cheesecake from the Jell-O no-bake cheesecake pack I had. We got everything ready and then discovered we did not, in fact, have a pie tin. This frying pan is about the same size! Let’s use this! Instructions: let refridgerate for four hours.

Ummmm. No. How about a half hour or so? That should work! In case you are wondering, soupy not-chilled cheesecake is not good.

Another time we made a cake. Because if there is anything two drunk girls need, it’s to be running an oven. So we make the cake and everything goes fine.

We take the cake out of the oven and proceed to stare at it.

“Can we frost it yet?”

“No I think you have to wait until it cools.”

*Waits approximately two minutes, all while staring at the cake.”


“Yeah, I think it’s good.”

So, we had a glazed cake instead of a frosted cake. All the frosting melted down into the cake. It actually wasn’t too bad.

Oh, and then there was her dog. There isn’t much more effed up than that poor little puppy. But we love him anyways.


One thought on “Photo Ten

  1. Lynsi says:

    I wish I was motivated to do chores or other productive things while drunk. Instead I send drunk texts to my boyfriend or scrawl a letter to my best friend about how horrible my life is.

    Or I throw up on my friends’ furniture. Either way.

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