Are you OK?

I went to a musical last night with my g-ma. She thanked me for making her go, because she really enjoyed it.

But she got her first glimpse of post-theatre Briana.

It’s pretty bad.

First of all, during the show there are frequently audible reactions coming from my seat. A gasp here, a small squeak of excitement there. I caught her looking over at me more than once.

I walk around sort of dazed with a half smile on my face, ocassionally bursting in one of the songs we just heard.

Any time when I am not singing, I am humming.

She kept trying to introduce me to people she knows, but they all probably think something is wrong with me because I just kept grinning.

Poor g-ma, she just doesn’t know how to handle me. Good thing my mom is an expert and just lets me be for a moment to take it all in.

Or talks with me about that super cute guy who played King Arthur*.

*Enter any male musical theatre lead here. If the person can sing and act, I fall in love almost immediately.


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