Let’s have a chat

Seriously weather, we need to have a few words.

This snow is SO not going to work from me.

First of all, I just ordered seriously cute shoes. They are supposed to get here Thursday, and I can’t wear them if it’s snowing out/there is snow on the ground. Just think about that.

Second of all, I am making a super quick trip over the pass this weekend. The kind of trip that only leaves me enough time to make it over, see a play and come back. I don’t even have time to visit anyone.

But I can’t do that if you snow too much.

So, don’t.

You do not want to deal with me if you stand between me and The Drowsy Chaperone. You really, really don’t.


One thought on “Let’s have a chat

  1. Lynsi says:

    Word on the shoes. I actually have very few weather-resistant shoes. As in, my pair of snow boots from senior year at WSU that are actually mostly suede, so not that rugged, anyway.

    I hate when the weather effs up my ensemble.

    *cue privileged girl angst*

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