Photo fifty-two

60-Day Photo Project, day 52

A picture of your favorite sport

Let me just start off by saying one thing: I hate sports. I do. I’ll admit it. I volunteered to work through football game in college. I find something to read when my family is watching football on tv. I live for the commercials during the Super Bowl. I understand the appeal of sports, somewhat. And when I was crushing on a sporty guy last year I tried to feign interest.

But I don’t really have any.

One thing, I like going to baseball games with friends. Baseball is a sport that I can easily understand. I know what is going on and I can follow the game. Plus, the uniforms are so much cuter than the other sports. Seriously.

I like watching the Mariners.

One of my first loves came from Mariners games on tv.

I had a serious crush.


One thought on “Photo fifty-two

  1. Lynsi says:


    One time, when I waited outside the Kingdome to get his autograph, he drove out to the parking lot and came out to sign things for people. After I got his autograph, my cousin and I sat on the bumper of his car while we waited for him to be done. And we kinda reached into his car and touched his leather seats.

    True story.

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