Things I love right now

  • Comedy podcasts. Seriously, iTunes, you have done great things for me and the time I spend in the car. I would rather laugh and hear deep, meaningful interviews with my favorite stars than fall asleep behind the wheel and die. For reals. Have you ever heard Conan O’Brien talk about his Harvard thesis? Or Ed Helms talk about his awkward childhood? No? I have!
  • Anything with a flower decal. I’m addicted.
  • Goodreads. A website devoted to book lovers and book readers. It has blogs from my favorite authors, reviews of books I am considering, recommendations. I always read a lot, but my library card has been getting quite the workout lately. It’s cah-razy. Which means you guys get more fun quotes! My favorite tool on Goodreads, though, is the progress tracker. I can put what page I’m on in whatever book I’m reading and it will tell me the percentage I’ve read. nice.

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