Nice tweets

It’s always nice to get followed by people on Twitter other than random spammers.

It’s makes you feel like what you are saying is important to somebody.

It’s even better if the person following you may or may not be a celebrity.

Ethan Embry is in Sweet Home Alabama, Can’t Hardly Wait and (one of my faves) Empire Records.

So, imagine my delight at seeing this:

I don’t know if it’s actually him or not, but still! Fame and fortune are at my door.


2 thoughts on “Nice tweets

  1. LuAnn Morgan says:

    Hmm. You ought to respond somehow to his tweets and find out if it is, indeed, him!

  2. Rikki says:

    I believe this means you have to make out with a mural lady.

    And REX MANNING!!!

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