Let’s go shopping

There is a Canadian show called Slings and Arrows that is pretty much the perfect show for me.

It is about a group in Canada that puts on Shakespeare plays every year. The characters are totally nuts and the show is all about the theatre!

There are even two DELIGHTFUL old gay men who sing during the opening and closing credits of the show.

And if this wasn’t proof enough, one of the characters wore this in one episode:

Ok, so this is the character that all the other characters hate, but still!

That’s a sparkly wild cat shirt! And stripes! And fur hat! Why? No idea. But I love it.

And this show is my soulmate. Only, you know, not actually a person.


2 thoughts on “Let’s go shopping

  1. Rikki says:

    how could you leave out the hobo gloves?

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