Haven’t given you book quotes in a while

These ones are from 2030 by Albert Brooks. Impulse bought this on sale on Amazon. Enjoyed it. It’s a work of fiction detailing what life will be like in 2030, not too far away. It was funny and made me think. I recommend it.

He said some things I agree with:

Being gay was different from being black or Jewish or Hispanic. When people hated those people they weren’t afraid of becoming one; they just hated them. But hating gays, or at least not being comfortable with them in high office — well, that had more to do with one’s fear of his own sexuality. People who hated gays feared that one morning they might wake up as one, or at least with one. No one who hated black people thought their skin would change color.

One of the main story lines was about someone finding the cure for cancer and other terrible diseases. The problem, then, was people were staying healthy for much longer. It was hard then, for younger people to find jobs and social security payments were wiping out the country, which was already in debt. One of the main characters is always trying to find ways to get back at the “Olds.”

In the late 1960s, the government acted upset when young people took drugs, but acid was a bureaucrat’s dream. No one blew things up on acid or pot or Ecstasy. The officials had to act outraged, but they were grateful for any substance that kept the youth stoned and passive and with any kind of luck kept the older folks in their jobs longer because the young people were too loaded to take over.


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