Writin’ like the wind

Well, I did it. I wrote 50,000 words this month and finished my second novel.

Pretty jazzed about it, actually.

It’s way different than my first one. It doesn’t have ANY musical references or precocious little girls or love interests that look like my honeybun JGL.

Instead, it has crime and guns and mostly male characters.

Weird but true.

Of course, there are some super cheesy romance storylines.

I wouldn’t want people thinking I didn’t really write it.

Also, I relearned a very important lesson.

Like last year, I did not do my suggested word count each day. Leaving me a huge amount of words to write the last week.

This is what it looks like when you procrastinate a bit:



3 thoughts on “Writin’ like the wind

  1. taureanw says:

    Congratz dude! Get some rest I’m sure you’ll need it!

  2. Rikki says:

    Yay! We never doubted you, you little writerbutt.

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