TILT Jan. 16, 2012

There is very little in this world I love more than Ron Swanson.

Except, perhaps, a drunk Ron Swanson.

I already posted about the greatest moment on television.

That is just a YouTube video, though. And while you can repeat it over and over (I did) it doesn’t pack quite the same punch as this website.

My reaction was, I kid you not, “OMG THIS IS SO GREAT OMG,” followed by several seconds of staring, without moving.

So, yeah, that website is what I love most today.

Followed (at quite a distance) by this puppy picture.

I have to represent my favorite furry friends to help balance out all the damn cats Nhan uses.

Things I Love Always: Doggies!


3 thoughts on “TILT Jan. 16, 2012

  1. Rikki says:

    You MUST admit, the Flo Rida song provides a significant portion of the magic, although the supermajority comes from Mr. Swanson.

  2. Lynsi says:

    I could watch infinite drunk Ron Swanson forever.
    And stare at cute doggies.

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