TILT Jan. 19, 2012

The thing I love most today is once again a book.


If so, you should probably stop reading this blog. You don’t know me at all.

This time it’s (shocker, shocker) a memoir called Notes from the Underwire by Quinn Cummings.

It was funny and delightul.

I caught myself actually laughing out loud.

And it has a health dose of snark.

Something I am never against.

Here were some of my favorite quotes:

I started walking at nine months. I started walking into things at nine months and one hour. My everyday walk resembles the frantic dart of a small excitable lizzard, and I seem to be unable to grasp the notion that inanimate objects don’t know how to get out of my way.

My life.

I had ever intention of growing up to be a gay man in the West Hollywood hills. They had gorgeous clothing, gorgeous houses, gorgeous boyfriends, and gorgeous dogs. From my bedroom I could gaze out across the canyon and observe our neighbors’ parties. Everyone seemed young and beautiful and inebriated with life.

Again, my life.

It wasn’t cute and it didn’t move the story of my life forward; it was just a random event. Had this been in a script, I would have said wearily to the writer, “Yeah, that got my attention, but what’s the point?” And the writer might say, “It’s like life.”

And I’d sigh, take a sip of tea, and say, “True. But sometimes life could use a rewrite.”






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