TILT Jan. 20, 2012

Today, I like people.

They give you plenty of reason to lose faith in them. They are, at times, lazy, rude, thoughtless, hateful and generally terrible as a whole.

But, sometimes, they are pretty all right.

Today, I got stuck in the snow. Twice.

And within seconds of stepping out of my car each time, there were people stopping to help out. My neighbor came out and lent me his snow shovel.

Another saw me digging away in my skirt (Yep, knee-deep snow didn’t stop Just-Dress January) and came over to help.

Another couple stopped to help push.

And not in the “I have a penis so clearly I can push so much better than you can” way that most guys in Pullman ‘helped’ out.

Just in a genuine “You need assistance? I can help with that!” neighborly way.

It was pretty awesome.


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