TILT Jan. 23, 2012

Today, I love writing.
Ok, you caught me, I love writing every day.
I sure do it enough.
Today I love it especially though. I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest with my most recent novel, Just Another Day.
Last year I entered with my first novel, New Roots, and made it to the top 250.
While I loved that one because it was basically just a conglomeration of all things I love into one sappy clump, I like my new novel better.
It has a better plot and development.
At least I think so.
My mom, Jenny and Rachelle like it, too, even if Nhan doesn’t. = )
So I am going to have to patiently wait.
And wait.
And wait.
I know the adult fiction category (what I entered this year) is more competitive than the young adult category (what I entered last year) but I think I have a shot of making it at least to round two.
That way, I get a professional analysis of the first 5,000 words.
It would be even better to make it to the next round and get a professional review of the whole thing.
Even though that one last year made me cry, as most things do.

As I was entering it made me a little sad to realize I hadn’t been as excited to write at work recently.
I think with taking on the extra responsibilities of the editorial role, the quality of my stories has slipped.
I just get so tired and frustrated.
I can’t do everything.
I just need a few more hours a week, pretty please?

Until then, I’ll continue taking immense amounts of pleasure in writing jokes and fiction.


One thought on “TILT Jan. 23, 2012

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Best Seller in your future. For sure. 🙂

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