TILT Jan. 24, 2012

Well, this post is pretty late and, truthfully, almost didn’t happen.
I don’t love a lot of things today. Things were crazy at work, I was there for 12 hours and my only break was when I drove with Janel to the coffee stand and back (she stopped by for a minute on her way home from Pullman). Things kept going wrong.
It just wasn’t good.
Then, after a full day, I had a two-hour rehearsal.
Rehearsals used to be something I would look forward to. As I’m sure you wonderful people have noticed, I have a tendency to crave the spotlight. In high school I was really a drama queen. The drama department was somewhere I felt truly accepted and home. People adored me, and told me so, and there were always plenty of hugs to go around. I was a success, I made people laugh and I never wanted to leave.
Now, I feel stress because I seem to be an inadequate singer. They expect us to know so much so fast.
It takes me a while, I have no singing training.
Plus, while I know I’ll make friends as the months go by, for the most part I get pushed to the side. A huge percentage of the cast is in high school and when I try to talk to them, they often look at me like I’m an alien.
It doesn’t help that by Tuesday nights I have, on average, already put in 25-30 hour that week and want to do nothing.
Instead, I has rehearsal.
It’s the only night of the week I have rehearsal right now because Thursdays are for soloists (something I definitely do not want to be) and Saturdays are for the dance numbers, which star (and I quote the director) the “younger members of the cast.” Not me.
But, only two rehearsals in, I can hear an improvement in the songs and I feel good up be back in this sort of environment.
Even if I am old now.
But rehearsal right now is only a Thing I LIKE Today, not love.
Hence me not wanting to write a post today.
But I know if I don’t, I’ll make excuses another day and my posts will just drop off again.
Plus, the whole point of this was to make me TILT my views positive.

So here you go:
Today, I love 1950s fashion. I saw a dress today I absolutely fell in love with. Love love love.

I also love Ed Helms. I love him every day but today is his birthday so especially today! I hope he wears a sweater vest and sings show tunes today. A girl can dream!


2 thoughts on “TILT Jan. 24, 2012

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Haters gonna hate. Shame on the director.

  2. Lynsi says:

    Beautiful dress 🙂

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