TILT Feb. 19, 2012

I watched Casablanca today!

Always nice to see Mr. Bogart and Ms. Bergman. They truly are movie stars.

They don’t make movies like that any more.

Then, I watched a Indian movie called Like Stars on Earth.

It was about a little boy with dyslexia who is shamed by everyone in school because he can’t read or write.

Then, a new art teacher comes along and saves him through the world of art, something he is absolutely amazing at.

It was sappy, had musical numbers and was almost sickeningly sweet.

Isobbedat the end. Not cute little tears. Nope. Big ole ugly sobs.

I’m pretty glad I was home alone.

Also today, I went to the local community breakfast with the g-rents. I miss them.

I’m definitely glad I moved out, but I wish I saw them more.


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