TILT Feb. 24, 2012

Sour note: It is looking very unlikely I will be able to make it over the mountains this weekend. Which means my mom will have to find another date to see Oklahoma. I had actually psyched myself up pretty good about the show, so this is a dissapointment.

If I do not make the trip, I will also be unable to eat brunch with Rikki and Lynsi, both of whom I was very much looking forward to seeing.

I shot them both an email, explaining I would likely be unable to make it.

Rikki pretty much made my life with the following response:

Can Lynsi and I get brunch and then send you pictures to make you hate your life even more? We will be surrounded by champagne and studs holding their scripts from all your favorite plays, in addition to Disney voice actors and Chad Michael Murray and Amy Poehler.

I love this girl so much. I LOLed pretty good when I read this. She has me down, that’s for sure. All my favorites packed together. With an inexplicable CMM appearance tacked on for good measure.

In other TILT news, Roomie went to the store today and saw something that made her think of me. So she brought it home. And I adore it. It exactly fits my life.



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