TILT March 2, 2012

I had planned today’s post in my head.
It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I spent all day at elementary schools going to parties, assemblies, competitions, etc, all associated with a fantastic writer who I love more now than when I was a kid if possible.
I finished Phantom of the Opera finally after Rikki gave it to me a zillion years ago. I did like it, she was right. It was more different than the musical than I expected and I got characters confused a lot with their crazy French names. And everyone had so many feelings all the time. They said things like “I am dying with love for her.” To be fair, that dude Wa telling the truth. She chose someone else and he actually died. So it was nice to see a man follow through on a statement like that.

Anywho, I was having a pleasant day.
And then, as I was leaving for my dad’s house and some neede me-time in the car, I realized I forgot my phone. Back home I went.
I got to my block and small flash of something dark made me slam on my brakes.
Too late.
I hit a dog.
The owners of said dog, a group of children, were standing on the lawn.
They stared at me like I was a murderer.
He didn’t die, at least not at the scene. They took him to the vet.
I was driving under the speed limit. They let their dog run all over the streets.
It wasn’t my fault.
I still feel terrrrrrrible.
I sobbed like a baby on the street.
I couldn’t stop shaking.
It was an absolutely terrible experience.
Which is why, although many positive things happened today, I am having a hard time TILTing this toward being a good day.
Better luck tomorrow.


One thought on “TILT March 2, 2012

  1. Rikki says:

    Ah, yes, poor Eric and his death’s head.
    One of my favorite quotes from that book is when Christine says something like, “Is it always so terrible to be in love?” and Raoul says,” Yes, Christine, if they love and are not sure about being loved.”

    That is so horrible about the dog, it wasn’t your fault. You did the right thing and didn’t flee. I’m sorry BriBri

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