TILT Oct. 5, 2012 (and also the past several months)

Oh hey blog, I forgot you were a thing.

Apologies for my long absence, blog readers. I promise I’ll am really going to try to do better.

The problem was, when I was last posting, I went through a grumpy time. A rough couple weeks, or months, really, where I didn’t want to think about Things I Love Today, or anything else.

I was just wearing my cranky pants.

And then, when I emerged with my smile on, as I always do, I was out of the habit of updating every day.

Which is really too bad. I have a lot of things to be happy about, really. This year, I’ve seen some great theatre, gotten back to the westside a whole lot, meaning lots of time with my ladies and other friends I don’t get to see much, a successful time at my job, a date or two.

Now, I feel good, despite it being 37 degrees outside when I left the house this morning (when did that happen?). So, my dear little blog readers, I am going to share my happiness with you.

Today, for example, will be a short work day (my favorite kind). A couple hours in the office, doing phone calls and other journalist-y things, then taking pictures at an outdoor high school event, which is always pretty fun.

Then, leaving town (yessss).

Seeing a movie with Padre, going to a musical that starts at 11 p.m. with Mom, wedding tomorrow, seeing an old friend made new friend again Sunday.

Yeah, things are going well.

And the tagline of that musical I’m seeing tonight? History Just Got All Sexypants.

So, yeah. That’s the TILT.


3 thoughts on “TILT Oct. 5, 2012 (and also the past several months)

  1. Mom says:

    Welcome Back!!!

  2. Rikki says:

    Yay! BriBri!

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