TILT Oct. 6, 2012

Ok, ok, teensy bit late. I hope all y’all didn’t think I was giving up already.
Instead, I’ve just been out for many hours. So, basically, my phone was dead and my feet hurt. Good night overall.
Today, I went to the wedding of some friends from college. I was never super close to them, but the wedding was quite nice and I got to spend some time with the boy that introduced me to them, the one and only Spenser.
I met Michael and Jenni when I was attempting to woo Spenser, in the months prior to me knowing, well, that I wasn’t quite his type. I would invite him out to meals and such and he would always bring his other friends with him.
It made me furious at the time, but worked out in the end.
After the wedding, Spenser, his boyfriend Nick and I all went out in Capitol Hill, which was quite pleasant.
Nick shares me love of sarcasm and puns, so we got along very well right away.
Of course, I was wearing inappropriate shoes for this outing because I dressed for a wedding. I absolutely love dressing up. I spent two hours on my hair today, just to have the curls flatten almost immediately. Awesome.
Still, I was happy with things in general.
I mean, sequins and curls, what more could a girl want?



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