TILT Oct. 7, 2012

Today, I just love today.
I didn’t watch a musical featuring a truly sexy Andrew Jackson, like on Friday, I didn’t hit the town with a pair of fabulous young men, like Saturday, but today was still nice.
Today, I love western Washington. I made my second visit to Edmonds and fell even more in love. The cute downtown, the water, the trees, the small-town feel even though it is minutes from Seattle, I just love it. Of course, I have plans with my ladies to move there, but I don’t know if they know I am completely and utterly serious and would move there today,
It was a pleasant visit with good company and just made my heart happy.

And then I drove home through that western Washington has to offer.
Today, I love trees.
It may seem like a silly thing, especially people who have lived in that area their whole lives. I know I certainly took them for granted. People would visit and remark how green everything is. I remember being confused by their wonder.
Not anymore.
I didn’t realize how much I missed trees until I had lived in Othello for a while and was used to seeing fields instead.
Now, as I drive down from the pass, I just stare and state at these densely wooded areas. The more trees the more I can actually feel the stress knots in my shoulders melt.
I hope even when I move back to the west side, I don’t lose this amazement of the vegetation.

Side note: today, I also love cell phones. I was caught in traffic on the way to Edmonds and showed up 20 minutes late. A cell phone is the difference between “damn traffic, I’ll be there soon,” and “I think I may have been stood up…”
Plus, when I’m lost, my phone helps me find my way home. Seriously, what did people do without these things?


One thought on “TILT Oct. 7, 2012

  1. Lynsi says:

    I remember the reverse culture shock of coming home after long stints away in Pullman. And I suppose Pullman has lots of trees compared to Othello.

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