TILT Nov. 1, 2012

Happy November everyone!

For those of you who know me and have followed me the last couple years, you know November can only mean one thing.

Very little sleep, a whole lot of cuss words, some frozen pizza, some energy drinks and my computer.

Yep, it’s novel writin’ time!

I am joining with thousands of people across the world to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

I have participated in National Novel Writing Month two times before and finished on time both years (woo!).

It isn’t easy.

I have a procrastination way that makes things…difficult.

However, I also have the reporter drive of finishing things on time that allows me, like last year, to write 30,000 words in a week.

On my first day this time, I wrote…zero words.

Yep, zero.

But fear not, blog readers, I’ll make it work again.

Don’t forget, I caught a serious, massive cold my first year and was wiped out for a full week at the beginning of the month.

I can do this, with your support.

Write on, guys. Write on.

(Yeah, I could resist the pun. Like grainy pictures of myself, it’s gonna keep happening. DEAL WITH IT.)


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