To Do in 2013

If you’ll recall, I set a list of goals of things to accomplish last year.

Here’s a reminder, along with the success or failures I had:

– Perform stand-up comedy in front of strangers: Well, those strangers were high school students BUT I got “you should be a comedian!” cards. SUCCESS.

– Send a query letter to a publisher or literary agent. Even if it gets rejected, I will have taken a forward step: Sent, did not receive replay. Still, sent them out. SUCCESS.

– Learn to only push the snooze button a maximum of two times a morning: We’ll count this as a work in progress. On days I drive roomie to school first thing when I wake up (Wednesday to Friday) I only push it once. Monday and Tuesday, when it’s set for 4 a.m., things are a little harder. TIE.

– See at least three musicals I haven’t seen before (this one actually gets harder every year, haha): Check! More than three, actually, including Big River, Addams Family and Elf. SUCCESS!

– Take a vacation: Road trip to the Grand Canyon! It was a long weekend but it COUNTS. SUCCESS!

– Read at least 70 books: I finished 112. Easy peasy.

– Use instant Netflix for more than just watching cheesy sitcoms: Please, I’ve totally moved on to stand up comedy and hour-long dramas. Kind of. TIE!


So, overall, a great year!

Here’s what I have in goals for 2013:

– Get a piece of fiction published, even if it’s a short story. Something, somewhere.

– Read at least 80 books.

-Blog at least 5 days a week.

– Lose 15 pounds before Sean’s wedding and our family trip to Mexico. (Cliche, I know).

– Stand-up comedy in front of adults.

– Have a shorter drive between me and Boy by the end of the year

– Buy groceries and eat at home most nights




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