TILT Jan. 14, 2013

Shut up, I’m late again.

I know it. I’m working on it (kind of).

I should have posted this last night, I really need to TILT things yesterday. For whatever reason, my day just piled on top of me, I lost sight of the good, got overwhelmed and just completely lost it.

I mean, sobs at my desk.

With no one discernible trigger.

So, yeah, let’s TILT it in a positive direction, shalllllll we?

I came in to work (at 5 a.m., gross) to discover the pretty flowers I received for my birthday had gotten even prettier. The blooms had opened and the colors are striking.Image

So even though it was still freezing and dark outisde, I had a little bit of sunshine inside.

Also, there’s my boyfriend who I am trying not to totally gush about like OMG all time because LOL I heart him so much and so on.

But he really did help me out yesterday, help me cheer up a bit.

The best?

He created this:


Pulled from the National Novel Writing Month logo, with a few special flourishes, this is what I am going to be doing in March, Briana Novel Writing Month. I will challenge myself to writer 50,000 words in March, to make up for the fact that I could not participate in November.

The reason was I broke my hand, if you’ll recall.

But, the real TILT of the day, (not including starting up physical therapy, which is wholly unpleasant) is that I am totally and completely cast-splint-bandage free for the FIRST TIME since Nov. 2.

It feels so, so good.


Yes, I have a scar. Yes, my joint barely moves. Yes, it’s sore. BUT, I can take a shower without putting a bag on my hand. I open things and carry things normally. I CAN TYPE WITH BOTH HANDS.

It’s about time.



One thought on “TILT Jan. 14, 2013

  1. Rikki says:

    That logo is adorbs. Love you.

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