TILT Feb. 13, 2013

Is there anything I could love more than John McClane?
So my TILT is, of course, 12 hours of John McClane.
I got up at 430. I drove three hours. I consumed a huge amount of soda. I paid an alarming amount for parking. I was in awe of seeing the movies up on the big screen, as they are meant to be seen.
Explosions. Witty banter.
I left the theatre exhausted, a little cranky and a little disappointed with the new movie.
It was heaven.
Did I mention I made an obnoxious themed shirt?
I may not have taken more than a couple vacation days in the last three years but I know this was one of the best.


Ps the sky in Othello was really cool again.


And the view on the drive over was perfection.



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