TILT Feb. 23, 2013

What a day.

One of the best I’ve had in quite some time, I’d say.

It didn’t start off super, super great. I had to get up early for rehearsal after staying up late the night before. BUT, since someone in the play dropped out, I am now the understudy for the role of the stepmother in Cinderella. Which is pretty darn great. (I have my own performance May 4 in the afternoon, just FYI). So now I have a lot of lines to learn and have to become a good singer and all that jazz.

After a quick stop at home to get Brent, we got on the road again. Surprise, surprise.

This time, the destination was Spokane.

I had done a little research and discovered Manito Park. We stopped by and I’m so glad we did. I had snowed a pretty significant amount the night before, so I was a little worried it wouldn’t be fun to walk around in my less-than-suitable-for-wet-weather shoes. But it was fine.

More than fine.

Featured at the park is the Gaiser Conservatory, a greenhouse. It was warm, smelled beautiful and was full of brightly colored flowers, a nice contrast to the wintery wonderland outside.

From the moment I stepped in, I knew it would quickly become one of my favorite places. We just wandered around and looked at all the blooms, taking it all in. There was a bench that was just about the perfect spot.

We even had a young visitor. “This is a good resting spot!” the three-year-old-or-so girl said, throwing herself down on the path in front of us. She came back to visit us often and even danced a bit.

Anyways, I took too many pictures of flowers. Enjoy.

The outside areas of the park were also quite pretty. I can’t wait to visit in the spring, when things are green. There are outside gardens that should also be quite fantastic.


Eventually, of course, it was time to get back in the and head on to new adventures. Food! It was one of those chintzy-ish pizza places. All the waitors wore funny hats or headbands and you could color on the paper tablecloth.

It was delightful.

IMG_3259Then we got back in the car and just drove out of Spokane a bit, just admiring the view. It was a gorgeous day out and I always love to see everything I can see. I am very well suited for the passenger seat and I am liking my new frequent appearance there.


As if that wasn’t enough, after some stolling, shopping and a few drinks, it was off to the THEATRE.

After a quick look at the falls at night. Here’s a delightfully blurry picture for you.


I saw the Drowsy Chaperone. Again. This was time number 6. But I was excited to introduce it to Brent and show him why I love it so much. This one had elements the others didn’t. I laughed, I cried, it was phenomenal.

I had a theatre high all the way home.

It was just a fantastic day, from beginning to end. Truly wonderful.

Oh, and one more thing, I have to be obnoxious, of course:



One thought on “TILT Feb. 23, 2013

  1. Rikki says:

    Your performance is my nephew Kevin’s birthday. Hmmmm.

    Man, I want to check out Manito Park now!

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