TILT March 2, 2013

Why did Batman, Bane and the Joker in a nurse’s outfit cross the street? To make things much for enjoyable for Briana and Brent while they are stuck in traffic from ECCC.

But more about that later.

Our day did not start in Seattle.

First thing, we headed to Bellevue to meet up with an old friend and her boy for breakfast. Feasting on a fruit tray and nutella slathered on croissants while talking about Tangled? Yes, please.

Then, off to Redmond for (guess what?) another play.

A quick shared plate of chicken pad thai (damn you, limited restaurants of Othello) and it was off to the theatre again.

This time, It was SecondStory Repertory. It’s weird going to the theatre in a shopping center but I certainly like this one very much.

PLUS, at the theatre, you can take your refreshments to your seat. And they serve the Coca Cola in the old-fashioned glass bottles. My diet one came in a standard, boring can.


We saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

I’m afraid I enjoyed the show too much to take notes on these useful tips. So I will continue to not succeed in business while trying quite a bit.

Then off to Seattle, for the aforementioned Comic Con sightings. I think we are going to go next year. I may not care much about comics and all that but a full weekend of people decked out in costumes? YES PLEASE.

We met up with Mom, Padre and Mom’s friend for dinner. Mac and Cheese and Mac and Jack. Briana was a happy girl.

After sending Padre and Brent off to a movie, the ladies went to my mom’s friends condo. Which has the most gorgeous view ever. I am absolutely in love with it. Times 1 billion.



We saw The Music Man at the 5th Avenue for my final musical of the weekend.

Great day, great food, great company and tons of costume sightings.

Contented sigh.


One thought on “TILT March 2, 2013

  1. Rikki says:

    “damn you, limited restaurants of Othello” — new memoir name.

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