TILT March 8, 2013

Well, hey look at me, catching up and such.
I know, I’m crazy behind, but I’ve been working 15+ hour days, so give me a break.

March 8 was pretty great.
I left work at 2 or so, because I had worked almost until midnight the night before and been back out at an event at 8.
I came home and I cooked!
Legitimately made something at my house, not in a microwave, which I haven’t done in quite some time, not having pots I could use.
I have one again. I am exci

Clearly. Anyways, my cooking adventure, Nutella rice crispie treats, turned out delightful.


Jenny, Brent, Roomie and I had a movie night. A cartoon, a raunchy comedy, champagne, the usual.
It was a ton of fun.

PS earlier in the day, I was watching Frasier, and Megan Mullaly was on it and they went to Seattle Repertory Theatre (which I’ve been to) and saw The Man Who Came to Dinner (which I’ve been IN) and it was wonderful times a thousand.



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