TILT March 16, 2013

Adventure time again.
After a morning rehearsal, it was off to Pullman.
I will not lie to you, I planned it specifically to go to Old European.

And it was well worth the drive.
It was fun being in Pullman with Brent, too. It’s where we met, where I unsuccessfully tried to woo him, etc. Everything worked out, of course, and it was nice to take a look around.
Thanks, come classes, for introducing us.

Weather was not on our side, though, it was WINDY and cold.
Here’s a shot I accidentally took while getting my phone ready for a photo. It makes me laugh because you can see how breezy it was.

Unfortunately, it was also spring break and The Bookie and Sella’s were both closed.
We had a good time anyways, drove the scenic way home, grabbed Thai food and frozen yogurt and went and saw Burt Wonderstone (predictably terrible-funny).
I like you, Saturdays.


I also took a picture of my general view during road trips. Sure, he’s blingier than normal, since he had to borrow my sunglasses so as to not be blinded and kill us both.



One thought on “TILT March 16, 2013

  1. Rikki says:

    BLINGY BRENT is a thing.

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