TILT March 17, 2013

Nothing I love more than g-rents, so we headed out to breakfast with them Sunday morning.
It was nice to see them and their crazy friends. Gpa’s bday is the 18th so I showed him some things on the iPad he got for his birthday. He also had me take my picture.
It turned out prettttty cute.

Gpa made fun of me for always holding the camera above my head. It makes you look thinner, gpa, ALWAYS a good thing.
Of course, I had to take one of Brent, too, with the special St. Patrick’s Day bling gma had him wear.


Also, this video is pretty much beyond great.


One thought on “TILT March 17, 2013

  1. Rikki says:

    dude I always hold the camera higher than my head too. When people take pictures from below, it looks like my giant chin is trying to colonize my face.

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