TILT Sept. 2, 2013 (for real this time)

Hello my lovely little blog readers that definitely don’t just consist of my bff lady friends, my boyfriend, my mom and my gma (lie).

Here I am, once again, pledging to give you details on my life.

There have been a few reasons I haven’t been blogging lately. Sometimes, it’s because I don’t have TILT-y things. I have been slowly sliding into a dark part of my life, through no fault of anyone else, and am just now beginning to climb back out. I have happy things in my life FOR SURE and really good days. But I also have days where I just want to crawl into a Netflix hole and marathon a show for days. (I still miss you Frasier, darling)

I did recently have an amazing vacation. My first week off since I started working here 3.5 years ago. I read five books. I slept, a lot. I spent time with my parents and my brother and new sister-in-law and boyfriend. I didn’t think about newspapers. I’d like to go back to that.

Because the thing about a week off is that it makes everything else more miserable. Not only was I unprepared to return to the 80-hour work week I’m accustomed to, I had to work even more before and after to make sure we still had a paper to put out.

Add in the fact that my lovely little BroBro got married the week after. I’ve never been more proud to stand up in an olive green tulle-filled dress and bawl in front of strangers. He looked handsome. She looked beautiful. I have a sister now. I still can’t believe my tiny baby brother is married.

Work is draining but at the same time, I can honestly say I’m more proud of my newspaper than I have ever been in the past. My extra work is really showing. We have the kind of news that would make Rikki and Lynsi proud, not just stories about fluffy puppies and little kids with perfect attendance. We fill our paper without the use of much submitted content, even having stuff left over every week. We put out quality special publications (the one last week meant working approximately 4:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. most days, but I’ve never been prouder of a special section). We get community news in our paper and our sales are up.

I just need to take it a little easier sometimes. I drive myself to success. I will not settle for second-rate. I never have. I also don’t like giving up control, in any part of my life. So writing 10 stories a week, plus editing all other content and gathering police reports and making sure opinion columns are in place and gathering calendar and community event information and… is the norm.

Breathe, Alzola. Take a lap.

I’ve been trying very hard to focus on the good things. The success of my newspaper. The success I’ve had in finding to love of my life. Losing him for a couple years and then slowly but surely reeling him back in (booyah). The closer and closer relationship I have with my mom. She’s always been my rock, my mom. But now she’s my best friend, too. And that’s pretty cool. How much I get to see my grandparents. (less than I want, but that’ll definitely be something I miss if I move). The fact that I can email pictures of men wearing coral shorts to two of the best gals I know and they do the same. So much good in my life to combat the bad.

And you know what good I’m missing? Writing about non-work things and focusing on TILTing. So here I am, blog. You may not get me for long, but you have me for now.


2 thoughts on “TILT Sept. 2, 2013 (for real this time)

  1. Donna says:

    Welcome Back! I, for one, have missed you.

  2. Lynsi says:

    Just so you know I will always be proud of your stories about fluffy puppies. Because those are the best kind.

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