TILT Sept. 4, 2013

Hello hello hello on day three of blogging again (and doesn’t it just feel damn good?)

Today my TILT is ME time. I don’t take it very often. Sometimes, after super heavy work weeks (like the last couple), I end up having to take some sick leave from work because I literally work myself into illness. I end up exhausted, shaky, nauseated and barely able to stand on my own.

So this time, I stood up for myself. I took a couple hours off this morning to recover from the 30 hours (at least) I worked over the past two days, plus the 70ish hour week I pulled last week. I put away the laundry I washed Monday night. I cleaned my room (kinda). I watched a movie. And I didn’t worry about the damn newspaper. It was beautiful. Also: My alarm was set for later than 5 a.m. for the first time in seven work days in a row. Which was, in itself, a success. I didn’t really sleep that late, because my body isn’t used to it (I woke up crazy early this weekend too). But I stayed in bed and took my time. I literally panicked when I woke up because it was light outside and I haven’t seen that in ages. 

And if that wasn’t enough, my first practice of the season with the Rainbow Ringers handbell choir is tonight. I have such a love-hate relationship. But I need something to do that isn’t work or wallowing at home and drowning in all my own feelings. 

So handbells it is!


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