TILT Sept. 5, 2013

WARNING: Schmoopy ahead.

Seriously though…turn back. RomCom status up in here.



Ok, so here goes. Today, my TILT is simple, something (er, someone) I love every day, someone who has helped me get through some of the worst times in my life.

My thing I love to day is my boyfriend, deal with it.

Recently, we passed our one-year mark as a couple. As someone who has never been in a relationship lasting more than a couple months, at most, this was a huge deal to me.

As time goes on, too, the strains of being long distance definitely weighing more and more. I realized we aren’t as long distance as we could be. We only live five hours apart, we talk every night, we see each other every weekend. But it’s still hard.

The last couple weeks have been … not great. It’s been a small rough patch for us. Very small, yes, but there. And when you start dating someone and everything just sort of clicks into place like it was meant to be (hey, I warned you), then even the smallest upset can feel like your whole world is crashing down around you. I have some life issues right now, too, so there were things I have really been struggling with that wouldn’t affect a mentally sound person.

So we had our rough patch and now, I truly, truly believe we are better for it. We are more comfortable talking to each other about issues, we’ve resolved some  major things and we are ready to move on with our lives in the best possible way.

The reason I love Brent so much, I can talk to him about literally anything. We tackled controversial life issues before we even had the “are we officially a couple?” question.

We’re ready for our lives together.

And I love him for that. And for so much more.

Ok, Schmoopy done. For now.


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